Friday, September 12, 2008

Why use a Passport Expediting Company?

In many instances the last thing to be packed before a trip is our passports. Simply sometimes we forget where we put that thing since its a document we never use. But every so often, when we have enough time off or an international business trip becomes necessary, we go looking to dust off the blue cover to take to the airport. For some of us we lose or forget where we placed it and for others of us we simply forgot to renew it. It's now necessary for our passports to be current 6 month from our travel date, so don't forget to look.

Now with the new federal law that requires US Citizens to carry a passport when travelling to Mexico and Canada, companies like "US Passport Now" have seen an increase in requests. Unlike the your normal routine of sending in your passport request through the post office, people have now conformed to using passport expediting companies. Companies like US Passport Now guarantee a passport replacement within 24 hours for those in an emergency and expedite passports for others that like to simply have someone else do it for them. In the digital era everyone seems to want to do everything online these days. US Passport Now lets you handle all of the fees and forms on line and in the end all you have to do is ship off the forms and wait.

Times and times again people have there passport applications suspended for the most minor things, that causes the US Department of State to send everything back to you. This not only causes additional time and money spent, but the hassle of re-submitting everything again. The greatest thing about using US Passport Now is there re-assurances that everything is checked by them before your application is submitted, therefore causing less worries about suspended application. Also in the very rare case that your application is suspended, they can hold the application in line until you send in the corrections.

Don't mess with the hassles of know what you need or wait 13 weeks for a passport. Call US Passport Now today at 1-800-881-2464 and learn how to sign up today!

Friday, September 5, 2008

About U.S. Passport Now and the Service they Provide

U.S. Passport Services (USPS) has been serving U.S. Citzens in expediting their passports for over 6 years now. This once small company has boomed with the new U.S. travel restrictions to Canada and Mexico, that make it necessary for every person to carry a passport when traveling.

USPS has made procuring a U.S. Passport quick with their new Simple, Fast, & Easy program that helps ordinary people expedite passports. Whether it's a new passport application or your just renewing a valid passport, USPS walks you through it every step of the way. The company founded on strong customer service principals is dedicate so much to their clients, that every client receives their our personal case manager from start to finish.

USPS has made great strides in providing the easiest online passport service available today by customizing their site to recommendations past customers have given. USPS infomational step by step process teaches every client what to expect and how to prepare. Unlike its competitors USPS give each customer all fees upfront and in one place to read.

People that are interested in what US Passport Services can offer them are to go to

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